Frequently asked questions


Will you tell my runner..., pass on the message..., pass on the congratulations...?

Every year I get emails asking this type of question, and I'm sorry to say that the answer is no. The hams have very little interaction with the runners. Sometimes they will come to the radio tent to ask questions but we have no way of knowing if the person asking is a runner, pacer, or friend/family member. The same holds true at the checkpoints.

Why is my runner in, but not out?

Some of the checkpoints are logical rest points. A runner might be "in", be there awhile, then go "out". Or they might just "go on through". As of 2005, the "through" designation was eliminated from the reports. If they go on through, the same time gets put into both the In and Out fields. Dropped means they are no longer in the race, which may be voluntary or because they got to a checkpoint after the cutoff time for continuing. Never having started also counts as a drop.

There is missing information - what happened?

Sometimes, there are hitches at the checkpoints in sending the data. Remember that we are relying on radio waves to get the information from the checkpoint to the data gathering point. For that, and other technical reasons, we may sometimes get the info from checkpoint 7 before we get the info from checkpoint 6. Just be patient, you will eventually see where "your" runner is.

Public Information vs the Official Results.

Keep in mind that the information contained on the Finish Line pages are just to help keep you informed. The times are by no means official ones (with the exception of the Finish Line, as those times are directly from the timekeeper). However, sometimes, this public relations data will result in questions being passed up the line to find a particular runner who may be overdue. Usually, the runner isn't really overdue, it's just the data itself that is overdue. No checkpoint Ham is allowed to shut down until all runners are accounted for at the following checkpoint.


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