2010 July: If you're familiar with Twitter, then you might find this useful.  The database will be automatically posting "tweets" to the "AngelesCrest100" Twitter account (follow us there if you're already a Twitter user).

The database will be tweeting the IN and OUT times for the LEAD runner as they pass through each checkpoint.  It will do the same for the TAIL runner.  Drops will also be tweeted, along with checkpoint cutoffs.  Lastly, there might be tweets from the radio operators as well.

2010 March: For many years now, I (Kathryn Bassett) have been pleased to "meet" many of you during the race weekend. My husband Dave has retired from being the checkpoint lead at the finish line. Since Gerry Walsh and I have been so successful in merging my web efforts and his Runner Track program that the live updates are now automatic, most of my volunteer job is now redundant. So I am retiring as well, except for the radio volunteers website.

I will still monitor my email (the Email Webmaster link) during most of the race (except no more middle of the night), but will be doing so from home. And we might even take the opportunity to go see some of the other checkpoints.