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Harvey House - Bath England

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In the possession of Jane and John Wells of Pasadena CA is a pencil sketch. On the back of the frame of the sketch is written "Pencil sketch by Sophia Harvey sister of Gertrude Harvey Barnard (my grandmother)". That was written by the above John Well's aunt Gertrude Ethyl (Wells) Zeppa, sister of the below John Barnard Wells. To put it visually:

John's father is John Barnard Wells, and Gertrude Agnes Harvey is his mother's mother. Sophia is her sister. When taking the frame apart to do the scans, there was found more writing on the back of the sketch itself, presumably in Sophia's handwriting - "My grandfather Harvey's House in Bath England". We don't yet know the names of Gertrude and Sophia's parents or grandparents. Hopefully this sketch will someday provide a clue.

The sketch still in frame - front and back (click on images for larger views)

Harvey House sketch in frame (front) Harvey House sketch in frame (back)

The notes

Harvey House sketch in frame (back note) Harvey House note on back of sketch

The sketch itself, and a closer view of Sophia's signature in lower right

Sketch of Harvey House Harvey House sketch - Sophia's signature